Life Lessons for the American Gentleman

Question to AG: Dear AG, I attended a very prestigious college following high school, but after a couple years, I ran out of money. Instead of taking on large amounts of debt to finance my degree, I instead chose to take time off to work before going back to finish my degree at a more affordable but less prestigious institution. I gained lots of valuable work experience and learned a lot in my time off of school, but due to my age, the women I have the best connection with tend to already be professionals with a salary. While it’s easy to lie and say I got one degree and am in the middle of going back to school for another, I’m not comfortable starting off a relationship with dishonesty. How do you recommend that I honestly portray my situation in a positive light while on a date? Sincerely, A Georgia Gentleman

I think that any woman who doesn’t see your economic motivation, and for that matter financial intelligence, is missing out. Explain to her that you learned the value of education and the value of money in one fell swoop. The biggest problems in relationship and marriages are often with money, showing her you are this responsible will show her you should be taken seriously. 

  • 26 December 2012
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